Saturday April 20, 2019


These are miscellaneous natural remedies from that did not fit under any of the defined categories.

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"Once in the summer in the village where my mother used to live, three women got CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning in a sauna. They were all taken outside without signs of life. While someone ran for medical help, the owner of the sauna started putting this paste-like stuff into the mouth of one of the three poisoned women. The nurse practitioner who...
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This method to repel mosquitoes and other flying insects is very effective. I walk outside and no mosquitoes approach me, while other people I am with are repeatedly bitten. This home remedy to repel mosquitos, consisting of two very simple ingredients, needs to be placed in the palms and rubbed together for ease of application to the face, and...
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Herein are a couple of naturopathic prescriptions for alcoholism. One of them is based on 3 herbal species and needs to be taken as an infusion. It is used to stop craving. The other home remedy prescription for alcoholism is based on an animal product and is aimed at creating a repulsive response (aversion) to alcohol intake.
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If you are sick and tired of being tortured by a dry cough, try this simple and effective naturopathic prescription that has been proven to work many times. This home remedy for dry cough is based on just 2 natural ingredients that are easily obtainable anywhere.
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Most people cannot wait for the summertime, but for me summer is the most undesired season, because I do not know where to find relief from my excessive sweating. Once, a woman advised me to try taking a bath with this natural remedy to help with my excessive sweat production. All it takes is a 15-20 minute bath per day, preferably every day. I do...
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