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On the pages of e-Naturopathic you will find a wealth of ancient and modern folk wisdom that has accumulated and condensed through the ages in the alternative medicine / folk remedies prescriptions for a variety of conditions. This source of naturopathic and herbal medicine is largely unknown to the public in the Western world because of long-term geographic isolation, mainly due to the "iron curtain" that has been artificially erected by politicians back at the dawn of the era of information and communication.

Please take a minute to review the e-Naturopathic's general information pages WHAT, HOW and GALENIC to help you better use the contents of this website. Please also consider taking a look at FREE INFO and NEWS pages.

The WHAT page describes what information you will be able to find on the web site.

The HOW page explains the naturopathic prescriptions possibilities and how to use this website.

The GALENIC page contains general information on the preparation and use of Galenic preparations (e.g. infusions, decoctions, tinctures).

On the FREE INFO page you will find free information on various conditions and alternative medicine remedies. Our intention is to eventually fill these pages mostly with the information available in the realm of complementary medicine about the plaque of the humankind - cancer.

The NEWS page will deliver fresh news from the laboratories and research groups across the globe that may elucidate possible mechanisms of how natural remedies might actually work in the light of modern science.

The naturopathic prescriptions for conditions from A to Z presented on were carefully selected based upon their ability to actually help or cure a disease or condition, as witnessed in personal stories of success or short descriptions accompanying each naturopathic prescription. Here you will be able to find both the old and the new-age traditional / unconventional medicinal and holistic prescriptions.

The value of naturopathic prescriptions found on e-Naturopathic varies depending upon their efficacy and safety, as reflected by the amount of positive feedback received from users, the rarity of their occurrence on the Internet and in available literature, as well as their novelty or, otherwise, old or ancient age.

The naturopathic prescriptions presented at are mainly the legacy of the nations inhabiting the vast terrains of Eurasia from Central Europe across Siberia, down to the Central Asia, as well as the Middle East, and to a lesser extent China and India.

Although a large, but still limited number, of officially recognized evidence-based scientific research studies have been performed for the purpose of finding the "scientific" basis of how naturopathic methods might work, the overwhelming majority of these methods remain unstudied, with their number constantly growing.

That is why prescriptions may appear useful for healthcare professionals and practitioners, biomedical researchers, as well as biomedical and pharmaceutical companies seeking novel treatments. Many of the natural remedy prescriptions deserve their own careful research for the sole purpose of finding out how they actually work. Some of the prescriptions presented herein seem to work so miraculously, even from the standpoint of current medical knowledge that discoveries of their mechanisms of action may probably only become possible in the remote future.

For more information on how naturopathic remedies work please refer to the e-Naturopathic's HOW page.

WARNING: serves as a source of information for learning purposes only and does not intend to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or conditions of humans or animals or to substitute for a medical advice or perform the practice of medicine in any form. None of the information presented in the website was reviewed or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Any information is released "AS IS" without any sort of warranty being implied. Use the e-Naturopathic's prescription information and any other content at your own discretion and risk. By using contents you agree to waive any responsibility of and any affiliated third parties for any claims that may arise in connection with the use of this information and hold protected against any such claims and responsibility.

We highly recommend conducting further research and investigation of the purchased naturopathic prescriptions, their constituents or ingredients, and methods of their preparation on the World Wide Web and in other available literature and information resources you trust.

We also highly recommend consulting with your relevant healthcare specialist (physician) before using any information found on the website.If you decide to use any naturopathic prescription, it will be your responsibility to purchase the components and prepare them.

Your feedback is always welcome at the Contact Us page. It will be studied to continually improve our services. Your feedback may be edited by e-Naturopathic before addition to the respective review pages.

We recommend seeing your medical doctor for establishing a correct diagnosis and receiving treatment options your medical doctor may offer to you. You should always consult your physician for any health concerns and before starting a new diet, exercise program, supplement or any other lifestyle changes.

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