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We encourage and recommend further search and detailing of all ingredients found in e-Naturopathic prescriptions using the World Wide Web and other reliable sources.

As a rule, there is a course duration provided at the end of each naturopathic prescription. If you have used a given prescription for the duration recommended and have not seen any effect, discontinue this prescription. Most likely this prescription does not work for you and you should consider another treatment.

Unless otherwise specified, Galenic preparations for systemic (oral, enteric) use (INFUSION, DECOCTION, TINCTURE), collectively named so by Galen, an Asclepiad contemporary to Hippocrates, who proposed these methods of extraction of active substances from plants, should be taken for 2 to 4 weeks with the following 1 to 2 week "wash-out" interval, during which the preparation should not be taken. For example, 2 weeks of use are followed by a one-week "treatment free" interval; or 4 weeks of use are followed by 2 weeks of not taking the preparation. This is to ensure that no active substance is accumulated excessively in the body in order to prevent any possible adverse affects. After a "wash-out" period, the preparation use can be resumed if needed.

Any unused portions of freshly prepared water-based Galenic preparations should be stored in a refrigerator for no more than 3 days (72 hours) after they have been prepared. Any alcohol (ethanol only) Galenic preparations (tinctures) can be stored indefinitely in a cool dark place in an air-tight dark glass container. Keep in mind that if there is no perfect air-tightness of the container, alcohol base may evaporate thus concentrating the contents of the bottle.

When possible, it is best to use freshly harvested in the wild organic plants (after their correct identification). The second best choice would be to get raw, organically cultivated plant material from a reliable source and prepare your own Galenic preparation (INFUSION, DECOCTION, TINCTURE, etc. - see below) following the prescription. When the above options are not available, you can obtain pre-made Galenic preparations in the form of tinctures or other more high-tech forms from a reliable source, for example a local health store or order them online.

Generally, Galenic preparations that you may acquire elsewhere do not require doctor's prescription and are probably registered as food supplements. Any person can make the decision to buy and use them.


An INFUSION is prepared by adding 20 grams of dried herb (leaves, flowers) to 200 ml boiling water (usually, 1:10 proportion of dried soft parts of a plant to water). Infuse for 10 minutes before straining. If the herb is left too long, the infusion will become bitter. It is best to use a ceramic pot with a lid or a thermos for preparing and then storing an infusion. The standard dosage is 3 fluid ounces (about 100 ml) three times a day. It may be taken hot or cold. The unused portion may be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 3 days in an air-tight proper container.

A DECOCTION is usually the method of choice for hard parts of plants such as the bark or seeds. Use 20 grams of herb material per 200 ml of cold water (usually, 1:10 proportion of dried hard parts of a plant to water). Bring the mixture gently to a boil. Cover and simmer for about 10 minutes. The usual dosage is 100 ml (3 fl oz) three times a day. If the herb is very bitter or strong, use 4 teaspoons (total of 20 ml) three times a day. The unused portion may be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 3 days in an air-tight proper (dark glass or ceramic) container.

A TINCTURE is an alcoholic extraction of an herb. Alcohol dissolves the active constituents out of the plant matter and acts as a preservative, allowing the tincture to retain its effectiveness for up to 2 years. Any part of the plant may be used. Place 4 ounces of dried herb in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and add 2 cups of vodka. Leave for two weeks, shaking occasionally, then strain through cheesecloth into a brown glass bottle. Keep tightly closed. The standard dosage is 15 to 30 drops three times daily. Pure grain alcohol can also be used for preparing a tincture. Usually it may be able to extract constituents even better.

IMPORTANT: Proportions and dosages may significantly vary and be different from standard proportions and dosages in case of poisonous or strong/very active herbs, plants or ingredients. ALWAYS double check the information elsewhere from a reliable source.


Whenever you encounter table-, dessert- or teaspoon throughout the content, the standard volumes for those are as follows:

Tablespoon - 15 ml (cc)

Dessert spoon - 10 ml (cc)

Teaspoon - 5 ml (cc)

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