Sunday November 18, 2018

In this section you will find various natural remedies for chronic pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis requires acute intensive care at the hospital, while chronic pancreatitis is a difficult to treat condition that may be amenable to the use of the alternative medicine remedies. The causes of chronic pancreatitis include several bouts of acute pancreatitis in the past, conditions of the biliary system that would impair the passage of pancreatic juice via the common bile duct (such as gallstone or viscous, sludgy bile, or a tumor), hyperlipidemia (by accumulating blood fats in the pancreas together with calcium salt precipitation, causing inflammation of the pancreatic parenchyma), as well as various toxicities, especially chronic consumption of alcohol (most commonly) and environmental heavy metals, especially cadmium that has also been linked to pancreatic carcinoma (cancer of the pancreas). Interestingly, selenium plays a protective role against cadmium and other heavy metal induced pancreatic inflammation and cancer.



I was personally cured from chronic pancreatitis in just 1 month using this home remedy. This naturopathic prescription for chronic pancreatitis is based on 2 natural botanically derived ingredients. The prescription requires sticking to an easy and not burdensome diet while remedying.

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