Tuesday October 23, 2018

Mouth and lips and the skin surrounding it (the so-called perioral area) is the beginning of the digestive system. Because the mouth can be easily examined, it may provide a lot of useful clues to your doctor about your possible condition. Oral mucosa (the inner lining of the mouth) may show signs of multiple systemic conditions of the body, such as anemia, liver disease (jaundice), autoimmune conditions, such as Crohn's or Behcet's diseases, immune deficits, such as AIDS, diabetes mellitus, hereditary syndromes, for example Peutz-Jegers syndrome, vitamin deficiencies, metabolic derangements and very many others. This is why it may be so important to visit your healthcare provider if a lesion in the mouth lingers on or progresses for a long time. There is also a ton of local conditions in the mouth area, that may be caused by various infectious, chemical, physical factors causing inflammation, or result from benign or malignant tumors or pre-cancerous states. Especially in the realm of superficial inflammatory conditions, naturopathic medicine may be of significant help. Canker sores, for example, may be quite painful and result in significant discomfort, especially during eating. These, and other acute inflammatory conditions of the mouth, may be effectively helped by naturopathic remedies that may be found in this section of e-Naturopathic.com collection of home remedies for every condition and every home.



Glossitis (inflamed mucous membranes of the tongue) can be a separate disease or a part of the picture of other diseases. The usage of this prescription was not specified when I first found it, however, it is likely that it should be good for remedying the local inflammation of the tongue (canker sores), or when it is part of anemia. This naturopathic prescription for glossitis (inflammation of the mucosal lining of the tongue) is based on one natural ingredient that is usually available in many households. Consult your doctor to make the correct diagnosis.

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